Enhance your home's beauty and safety with professional lighting

Are you ready to take your home to the next level? Outdoor lighting is an innovative way to illuminate your home's landscape, enhancing the beauty, character, and safety of your house. Spotlighting, uplighting, shadowing ­-- there are so many ways to transform the look of your landscape. Your home is your biggest investment ­­allow it to reach its fullest potential. With our customized outdoor lighting services in North Carolina, we’ll change the way you see your home for the better.

Outdoor Lighting Services in NC and SC

At GreenState Landscaping, we understand the benefits of outdoor lighting for homeowners. Our professional landscape designers will meet with you for an initial consultation to discover your needs and the goals you have in mind for your home’s lighting. Using their extensive knowledge of advanced lighting techniques, they’ll develop a plan that highlights your landscape and complements your home's architectural features. Finally, our expert team will handle the installation which brings your entire vision to life!

Dramatic Results that Match Your Sense of Style

We can create outdoor special effects and lightscaping that enhance your home's best assets while also providing safety and security for your family. Would you like to add character to a gazebo? Maybe just illuminate a pathway? There are so many outdoor lighting options available that we can address your specific needs. Whether your goal is to accent your home's beauty or deter potential crime, we’ll partner with you to develop the most beautiful and functional design possible.

Advanced Power Saving Lighting Solutions

At GreenState Landscaping, we stay on top of advancements in lighting technology. We offer low voltage lighting solutions that use less electricity to help you cut power costs. You can realistically receive 4,000­6,000 more hours out of LED bulbs than halogens, offsetting the initial investment. At the end of the day, we’re always looking for ways to better help you and save your money!

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