Tired of fumbling around with sprinklers?

Everyone wants a lush and vibrant lawn that highlights the beauty of their home. The problem is, that in order to maintain a healthy lawn you need to water it regularly. Who actually enjoys stopping what they're doing to set up a sprinkler or having to move the hose periodically so that all of the ground gets wet? If you’re one of those people who doesn’t enjoy that or simply doesn’t have the time, we have a solution just for you. When we install an irrigation system for your home, you get a hassle­ free way to water your lawn automatically. A beautiful landscape doesn’t have to be complicated!

Irrigation and Sod Services in NC and SC

At GreenState Landscaping, we understand the appeal of a green lawn. With our irrigation and sod services in North Carolina, we’ll begin by visiting your home so we can see your lawn firsthand. This allows us to take photos and measure the area so we can custom design an irrigation system to effectively water your lawn, garden, shrubbery and trees automatically. Once you give us your approval, we’ll get started on the installation process. We have the resources to provide large scale sodding and seeding services in a time ­efficient manner. We proudly install for major name brands such as Toro, Rainbird and Hunter!

An Efficient System Means Lower Water Bills

What is the best part about our quiet, water­ efficient sprinkler systems other than the fact that they simplify your life? They also help you cut control costs! By minimizing the amount of water used, you save money. A rain sensor is included with every system we install, which calculates rainfall, meaning the irrigation system won't turn on unless the sensor is dry. We're always researching new technologies that will save you water and money. For instance, we can install a moisture meter in the ground that sends a signal to the system not to turn on unless the moisture level is at a certain point.

The Lawn of Your Dreams is Now Within Reach

In the past you may have had to watch the clock so you wouldn't forget to move your sprinkler. With our help you won’t have to waste time doing that ever again. Start spending that time doing the things you enjoy with the people who mean the most to you. Not only will your family love the results, but you’ll also be taking an important step in increasing your property value. Our licensed and certified service providers are ready to show you how easy it is. And as always, we guarantee your satisfaction.

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